This is long overdue, but I have eventually got around to committing to producing a monthly update on the status of my various writing projects. The intention is to post a note at the end of each month here on my WordPress site. Let’s see if I can keep that promise.

For more frequent updates, comments, and general observations on life you can follow me on Twitter @alanjporter or on Instagram. For a full list of published work to date check out my website at


OUT NOW – Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol 7. – This ongoing anthology series features new traditional style mysteries for the Great detective to solve. Volume 7 was just published and includes my story “The Case of the Rotten Corpse,” which takes Holmes out of London to the north of England to investigate the appearance of a mysterious corpse with the help of Manchester’s most successful historical detective.


Coming Soon

  • Rick Ruby: The latest volume of stories featuring 1930s New York based P.I. Rick Ruby is in production. No information on a release date yet.
  • Lotus Ronin: The new Asian Pulp anthology from prose ProSe Press is in production. I’ve done the final copy edits on the debut tale of my new pulp character, The Lotus Ronin, and am waiting for news on a possible publication date.
  • Allan Quartermain: Stones of Blood: I’m currently writing new short-story featuring the classic jungle adventurer in a tale that takes him from the streets of London to the battlefields of the First Boer War. More on this one as it develops.


James Bond Lexicon: A Guide to the Worlds of 007: The manuscript for our upcoming James Bond Lexicon has been delivered to the fine folks at Hasslein Books for copy-editing. If things stick to schedule we are aiming for publication around the end of September or early October.


I recently enjoyed joining the crew at the James Bond Radio podcast to chat about the history of James Bond in comics. You can download the podcast, or watch the YouTube version at the James Bond Radio website.

Don’t forget you can keep up with the latest news about the Bond Lexicon and the world of 007 in general at the book’s Tumblr and Twitter accounts

The Lexicon Affair: A Guide to the world of U.N.C.L.E.: Work has started in earnest on The Lexicon Affair, with notes and annotations completed on Season One of The Man From U.N.C.L.E. as well as the complete run of the Gold Key spin-off comics from the 1960s. The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. comics have also been completed and work is currently underway on the associated digest magazines and novels.

As we start to ramp up work we’ve also launched new support Tumblr and Twitter accounts for updates on the book’s progress as well as the upcoming new Man From U.N.C.L.E. movie.


Over the last few weeks I also chatted with the new updated Spy Command website about both the Bond and UNCLE Lexicon projects – you can find the interview online here.


FORGOTTEN CITY – The second story arc issues (#6-10) are in various stages of production as the Kid Domino team get them ready for uploading to comiXology for digital distribution. I have turned in the detailed page-by-page outline for issues #11-15 that will comprise the third story arc and am looking forward to starting work on the full scripts soon.


Work is also underway on pulling together the first story-arc (issues #1-5) in a trade-paperback for eventual print distribution. In the meantime don’t forget that issues #1 thru 5 are still available as digital downloads at comiXology for just $1.99 each.

On the Road:

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