Its Seems We Made a New Podcast

Well, we did it. The first episode of our new personal podcast, Can’t See The Forest, is now available. For the moment it is only on – but other platforms will follow soon.

In this initial episode, Gillian and Alan discuss the ethical dilemma of resurrecting woolly mammoths, talked about sword-swinging superheroes, revisited the spice planet, got nostalgic on the turntable, and even got a little homesick for the British countryside.

If you want to listen to us waffling on for 45 minutes or so about books, comics, movies, tv, and vinyl you can find the podcast at


Tumbling Around The Web

What do Batman, James Bond, racing cars,  my favorite motorcycle speedway club, and the occasional book review have in common? Well, they are all subjects of the several blogs I run on Tumblr.



If you enjoy browsing through comics covers, photos, and the occasional video you can find the more visual representations of some of my favorite topics as follows:

  • Alan J. Porter – Writer: Where I post reviews of books I’ve read along with the occasional pop-culture image, cover, or photo that captures my interest or could be fodder for a future project.
  • Racing Comics: A celebration of motorsports in comics, with over 700 different covers posted to date.
  • Batman on the Cover: A chronological journey through Batman’s publishing history around the world starting in 1939. With over 1,100 covers posted so far, we are currently revisiting the Bat-books of 1961
  • James Bond Lexicon: The companion site to the James Bond Lexicon project. Currently posting a chronological journey through James Bond’s timeline.
  • Belle Vue Aces: Just a place for me to celebrate my favorite sports team, the iconic Belle Vue Aces speedway team.



Treking my way through ArmadilloCon

ArmadilloCon time is almost upon us. The literary festival in Austin was one of the first SFF conventions I attended and in many ways it remains my favorite. I’ve made a lot of friends at the con over the years, and always enjoyed some great conversations and discussions on the various panels I’ve been on. This year looks like it’s going to be another good one with some great writers and artists in attendance. We’ll all be congregating at the Omni Southpark Hotel in Austin between august 4th and 6th, so come join us.

You’ll be able to catch me chatting about various subjects including:

  • Writing Golden Age Fiction Today (Friday at 5:00pm)
  • Social Media For Writers (Saturday at 10:00am)
  • Star Trek: TNG – A Generation Later (Saturday at 4:00pm)
  • The State of Comics (Sunday at 11:00am)
  • Best SF TV Series Evah! (Sunday at 2:00pm)

On Saturday at noon I’m scheduled to do a reading, and it’s traditional at these sort of events to read something from your latest works.  I’m lucky in that in the past month I’ve had two books published which contain my work….


…. but I’m not sure Enterprise Information Management or the pulp adventures of a 1930s New York private eye are a good fit for an SFF audience.

But then today I found out about the following bit of news.


The upcoming release of a book about the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which I have one of the essays. And am I not moderating a panel on this very subject the same day? – Problem solved.

So if you come along to my reading I’ll regal you with my unique take on the original series episode “Specter of the Gun” from the earlier companion volume of essays, and give you a sneak peek at my thoughts about the controversial Next Generation episode “Skin of Evil.

Hope to see you there.




It’s all Michael Palin’s fault…

Why am I doing this? Do I really need another place to waffle online? Let’s see I already have:

Not to mention various blogs:

And then there’s the writing projects: two active book contracts, with another one to follow. Several in-development comics pitches, at least three publishers waiting on sample chapters for book proposals, two novels in various stages of work; oh yeah and some consulting work too. And then there’s the day job….

Why on earth do I need to be starting a new blog? And why now?

A few month’s ago I decided it was time to close down my old LiveJournal account. I haven’t updated it on a regular basis for months, and the future of LJ is looking more and more shaky. In anticipation of what I see as the eventual collapse of this one time on-line mainstay I’ve started to archive off my old posts dating back to 2002. Of course I couldn’t help stopping to read the odd one or two. And every time I do it reminded me of how much I enjoyed keeping a narrative journal.

I even thought about starting again with the existing LJ account; but to be honest the place had lost its sense of community to the rise of Social Networks. But the idea has kept niggling away at the back of my mind (as things tend to do.)

Then last week I found myself hanging out at BookPeople with an hour to kill and picked up a copy of Michael Palin’s Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years. I soon found myself drawn into his notes and accounts of the early days of Monty Python. It also gave me the impetuous to decide that I wanted to get back to keeping an actual journal. Twitter and FaceBook are OK for the occasional observation and comment; but they don’t lend themselves to much else beyond that.

So the start of a new month, seemed like a good place as any to have another go at keeping an online journal. My last one lasted about 8 years. I’ve no idea if this one will even last a month.