If you enjoy the occasional blog posts here on my website, or would just like to keep up with what I’m working on, my thoughts on various books, movies, comics and more I now have a weekly newsletter that will provide all of that.

AJP’s RAMBLES is a new newsletter available on Substack, or direct to your email InBox with a FREE subscription.

Each week the newsletter will have one or more stories or updates inspired by what I’ve been working on, or things that have caught my attention during the week. 

They will fall (sometimes loosely) into one or more of the following categories.

  • Brabazon Bits – updates and side notes while working on the “Bristol Brabazon: Lost Airliner of the Skies” book
  • Travels with my Laptop – Notes and observations from travel trips
  • Pages and Screens – Thoughts on things read and watched
  • Word Slinging – Updates on various writing projects
  • Podcast Procrastinations – Updates on my adventures in podcasting
  • Weekly Web Round-up  – Summary of stuff I’ve inflicted on the internet over the previous seven days.

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