Alan J. Porter – Writer and Podcaster

Alan J. Porter, writer, and podcaster, likes to talk about stuff and makes up stories too. With over 30 fiction and non-fiction book publishing credits and hundreds of magazine articles, he covers the worlds of Pop Culture, Comics, High-Adventure fiction, Movies, Music, Business Strategy, and more. 

His pop-culture non-fiction work has featured properties such as Batman, Star Trek, The Beatles, G.I. Joe, Battlestar Galactica, and James Bond.  He can also be found podcasting on a regular basis about James Bond, The Beatles, and pop-culture in general.

He has also written comics for Tokyopop, BOOM Studios, Marvel, Disney, and Kid Domino, as well as produced a series of educational comics in partnership with the University of Texas and NASA.

He has written original adventures featuring classic characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Allan Quatermain, Houdini, The Musketeers, Wild Bill Hickok, Gideon Cain, and private eye Rick Ruby; as well as his own New Pulp adventurers, The Raven and The Lotus Ronin.

His other online activities include the comics history blogs: Batman On The Cover (Tumbler and Instagram) and Racing Comics: Motor Sports In The Comics (Tumblr).

He is a regular guest and speaker at various comics, pop-culture, and science-fiction conventions

His business books have covered topics such as Customer Experience, Content Strategy, and Wiki Implementation

A full bibliography can be found here

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Contact email: alan@alanjporter.com


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