FenCon Schedule

September means a weekend in Dallas at FenCon. The weekend is always a good mix of SF, pop-culture, and science.

This year I’ll be on the following panels:

Friday, September 21st,  6:00 PM  – 7:00 PM  Red Oak    
Talkin’ About My Regeneration   
Description: Time Lords originally had twelve lives. Now maybe it’s 401. What’s changed? What can kill a Time Lord? 

Friday, September 21st,  8:00 PM  – 9:00 PM  Addison Lecture Hall    
The Future of Comics 
Description: What’s next for comics?  Our panelists discuss the marketplace, digital distribution, and suggestions on how to improve comics.  

Saturday, September 22nd,  10:00 AM  – 11:00 AM  Red Oak    
Return of Son of Super-Hero Summer
Description: Just like 2011, this summer has seen a flood of great superhero movies at the box office! How do you think it went, and do you think the movies are getting better or worse?  

Saturday, September 22nd,  11:30 AM  – 12:00 PM  Pecan    

Sunday, September 23rd,  1:00 PM  – 2:00 PM  Addison Lecture Hall    
King Arthur in the 21st Century   
Description: Despite the fact that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government, the story of King Arthur has been told and retold over the centuries.  Each time it gets updated, it gets a new take and a whole new audience.

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